Dicembre 2, 2023


Covid crisi politica in Italia

Seth Meyers accuses Biden of falling for GOP’s corona virus ‘fraud’

Seth Myers actually went really hard on Monday night after President Joe Biden — but not for reasons Fox News Would have liked.

On the contrary, the Afternoon The host criticized Biden’s view of “ineffective and bad training” by “involving” Republican “bipartisan” demands. COVID relief. “The fact that he’s willing to sit down and listen to you is more than you deserve,” Myers told those GOP senators who want to reduce the aid package directly.

Comparing Bidney to a neighbor who throws back Frisbee, who lands in his yard after the kids have smeared dog poop, he asks, “Seriously Joe, why are you taking anything Susan Collins says seriously? Send checks to people. No one cares if she is moderately disappointed in the process. ”

He later pointed to Republicans using the same budget reconciliation process as tax cuts for companies, saying, “They said nothing about compromise and bipartisanship. They have been dragging the same scam for years. ”